Azuki Work Pants Sew-a-long : Day 2

Azuki Work Pants Sew-a-long : Day 2

Hey Everyone! Let's keep going with our project!

Day 2 we will cover:

1. Sewing all dartsand knee patches: here
2. Preparing and stitching Side Zip pocket B: here
3. Preparing and stitching regular cargo pocket: here
3. Rear pocket placement: here

3. Rear pocket stitching: here


For my pants I'm not doing ALL of the accessory pockets but if the instructions are unclear from the designer please reach out and I can help you go through the steps for the pockets you've chosen!
My pants have: Side pleated cargo pocket, side zip pocket, front angled pockets (Day 4) and the rear pockets 

Once everything on our Day 2 list has been completed it's good to get the following things together for Day 3 and doing the Fly assembly

1. Locate your iron (if you choose to use one)
2. Have your zipper handy
3. LOTS of pins if you're nervous! A tailors chalk pencil wouldn't hurt either!
4. Fresh cup of something that fills you with joy (I'll be using Black Tea with Honey)
5. At least 45 minutes of uninterrupted time if this is your first zip fly

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