Order Processing Timelines/Updates

Our standard TAT on Retail orders is approximately 48 hours UNLESS I am currently processing PreOrder rolls or there is a large Retail drop/backlog (not including weekends and holidays).

Week of March 5: Processing of retail orders is caught up to February 26! We'll be back to our standard 48hour TAT by next week.


*BiPeached PreOrders. All that can ship have been dispatched! I am waiting on the 2 missing Black BiPeached rolls to process the final straggling orders, ETA is unknown because I'm waiting on the shipping confirmation from the mill which just returned from CNY celebrations. 


*Please note that due to Covid distancing regulations, being a home-based business means that 99% of the time I am working solo. I am working as quickly and as efficiently as I can to process everything but going from a team of 3-4 down to 1 does cause delays, I really appreciate your patience :)