Order Processing Timelines/Updates

Week of Oct 19: Currently processing the final Ombre PreOrders and beginning the DriTech/Repreve SSF PreOrder which will take up to three weeks.

*Retail order processing has been stuck at 4 weeks for processing since Sept, and likely won't be reduced back to our normal 1 week until mid November due to the incoming R12 PreOrder rolls

*For the most up to date info PLEASE visit the Facebook Group:


*Please note that due to Covid distancing regulations and the inability to locate permanent local in-person help means that 99-100% of the time I am working solo. I am working as quickly and as efficiently as I can to process everything but going from a team of 3-4 down to 1 has caused a few delays, I really appreciate your patience :)

- Our standard TAT on Retail orders is approximately 4-5 business days UNLESS I am currently processing PreOrder rolls or there is a large Retail/Sale backlog (not including weekends and holidays). Order processing estimated timelines are always posted in the banner at the top of the website!

*For the most Up to date information and updates and FAQs on preorders PLEASE visit the Facebook Group and see the pinned weekly updates announcement.