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Retail Order Turn-Around-Time (TAT)?

We strive for 24-48 hours for all retail order processing BUT there may be delays  if we're currently processing Pre-Order rolls :)


Where is my Pre-Order?

Pre-Orders run for roughly 1 week and then take 6-8 weeks (under normal circumstances) for the fabrics to be milled, printed/dyed and shipped to us. It can take a further 1-2 weeks for cutting and shipping bringing the total TAT on Pre-Orders to 10weeks. HOWEVER this doesn't include any extenuating shipping or customs delays that may happen due to the Covid-19 strains on the global shipping and processing platforms.


I want to order Retail Fabrics with my Pre-Order How can I do that?

In the Facebook group we will announce a 48hour timeframe where anyone who has participated in that Pre-Order can process subsequent orders and have everything shipped together! Canadians use 'AddOn' for discounted shipping. Shipping cost parameters still apply for International/US orders. 


Shipping Options for Online Orders:

- Canadian Addresses have flat rate shipping $20 Canada-wide.
      For order AddOns (Retail items only) please use the code: "AddOn" to remove extra shipping fees

- International/US addresses are calculated by weight during checkout by CanadaPost, we have no say whatsoever in the pricing of International shipping. The heavier the package, the higher the cost so please try and find a shipping buddy in the FaceBook group just in case that will help with the shipping costs.
      For USA addresses who need to do an order AddOn please select the 'Add On Only Shipping' option for a reduced AddOn rate. This can ONLY be used for adding onto existing orders being processed.

- All Customs/Import/Duty fees are the responsibility of the receiver. Please check your country's policies and guidelines for their Duty pricing structure.

- "Local" is for ONLY to be used for Local Pick-Ups by residents who live within the Terrace BC area. If you choose this option your order will be processed and put in the Front Pick-Up tote at 3301 Thomas St on the front porch. 


Where are our fabrics milled?

We have fabrics that are milled from many different countries including the USA, Korea, Vietnam, and China!