FAQs / Fabric Details

How to wash your fabrics: 

    Best practice is to wash on cold and gentle and hang to dry, this helps preserve the spandex and lycra fibres and any specialty finishes like foils/vinyl that may be on the fabric. If they need to be put through a serious wash, turn garments inside out to preserve any specialty finishes on the surface. Same goes for if you have to put things through the dryer, make sure that they are inside out.

Fabric Details:
    Each fabric listing has a detailed description of it's texture and fibre content but for a basic comparison of our main bases here we go:

ButterAthletic: Silky with a cool touch finish, hyper wicking/drying and squat proof. Comes in solids and prints and can be used for swimwear (50UPF rating) as well as Athletic and normal garments. 

Cloud9: Silky cool finish touch (outer face), hyper wicking/drying and squat proof with a brushed inner face for warmth, great for cooler weather and base layers.

StretchMesh: Soft printed micromesh with excellent drape and super stretchy, used for mesh detail and inserts in garments, NOT compressive and must be treated delicately to prevent holes.

Breathe: Cottony soft finish with a firm stretch and squat proof, Nylon base so it does attract animal hair.

Dream: Cottony soft finish, thick and squat proof. Great for athletic and normal garments. Only comes in solid colours

Day Dream: Cottony soft Heathered colouring with a slight satin finish, thick and mostly squat proof (lighter colours are more prone to showing through).

Air1: Brushed on one side with a silky reverse. Can be used with either face of the fabric facing out, squat proof and light as air.

Air 2: Brushed on both faces (can be used either face out), squat proof and light as air.

EnduranceLight: Repreve recycled poly fibre base that is silky smooth, thick and squat proof.

BiPeached: Double brushed interlock style knit that is thick, squat proof, warm and fairly wind resistant making it a cold-weather staple for many garment types.

Tundra: Fleece-backed with a silky smooth outer face, wind-resistant and squat proof.

StretchWoven: Woven style fabric that has spandex/lycra fibres for better stretch and recovery. Works for any woven pattern, great for many different types of garments.


*For a more in-depth data sheet of our fabrics please visit our Facebook Group for the spreadsheet: https://www.facebook.com/groups/364313447682673/posts/877042093076470/    (you must join the group to view form)