Azuki Work Pants Sew-a-long : Day 3

Posted by Brit Kinahan on

Let's get that zip fly together!

The instructions for the most part in this pattern are very informative, the only thing I'd recommend is also drawing a chalk line on the fabric so you have a true 'mid-line' guide for ensuring that the fly will be straight up and down and not at an angle!

This is my construction videos if you want to follow along!

Part 1: here

Part 2: here

For Day 4 we will go over:

1. Front pockets (our front pants are now complete)
2. Adding the Upper and Lower back panels together (and top stitching)
2.5. Rear Yoke
3. Marrying the front panel to the back panel
4. Placing our accessory pockets onto the legs and stitching them in place
 4.1: Side pocket B
 4.2: Regular Cargo pocket


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