Azuki WorkPants Sew-a-long : Day 1

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Hey everyone!

Let's sew some pants!

The Azuki Workpants are a pretty fun style though highly limited in sizing (the designer is working on expanding but didn't give a time frame for when that'll be completed) and I found I had to grade between a few different sizes on the pattern to get the right fit, including doing a number of other adjustments.

Buy the pattern: here

Video for measurements: here

Video for basic grading: here

Video for adjustments: here

I also did a video where I pre-pinned all darts and pocket hems but that seemed silly to post SO I'll write out the pre-sewing prep work I did so that we're all on the same page for Day 2!

Prep work:
1. Pin ALL darts (Knee patches, Front main leg, pockets)
2. Roll/pin hems for pockets (ie Rear pockets)
3. Locate your iron (unless you hate irons or are a lazy sewist like me and refuse to use them)
4. Prep your bobbin for your standard machine and your cones for your serger (if using one. A serger is NOT required for the construction of this garment!)

Day 2 we will cover:

1. Sewing all darts
2. Placing and stitching knee patches
3. Preparing all belt loops
4. Preparing and stitching Accessory pockets and Rear pockets
5. Preparing for the Zip fly (Day 3)

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