Cargo Pants HACK - Turning the Apostrophe Myfit Joggers into Cargo Pants

Posted by Brit Kinahan on

Hey Everyone!
Here's a quick tutorial and hack for adding cargo style pockets to the MyFit Joggers! Let's start by getting everything we need to get started in the links below:

Link to Pattern here

Link to measurement video here

Link to pocket file download here 

Link to Apostrophe Patterns Facebook for fit help and measurement tweaking here

We will use the method in Day 4 of the Bryce cargo pants for the construction of the pockets. 

For placement of back pockets. I have 3 main methods:

1. wing it, place them by eye and hope for the best.

2. compare and measure a pair of well loved and well fitting jeans or pants

3. Baste the pants together, try them on and place the pockets with pins or some glue to visualize placement. This may require a friend you trust with pins near your behind.

For placement of the side pockets you will need to have the out seams constructed and then you can use the same methods as the back pockets for placement. Placement is up to personal preference but we can help! (Brit prefers hers upper-thigh rather than mid-thigh) You can pin the pockets on and hold the pants up to your body for visualization. 

Here is an example of joggers done up as cargo pants using this method, in repreve endurance lite.


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