PlumCaspia Bi-Peached Athletic Knit

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The highest quality of double brushed performance compressive fabric for your leggings, crops, capris, and more. Perfect for high abrasion athletic for outdoor skiing, hiking, back country exploration, anything in the chilly weather!
The fabric is 60" wide and multiple half yards will all be cut in a single length (3 pieces = 1.5 yard length).

Fabric details:

Content: Polyester Nylon blend
Opacity: FULLY Squat proof
Durability: Amazing long life with minimal to zero piling and rubbing
Weight: 310gsm
Colour: Brushed Black Nylon Athletic Knit, 4way stretch

Maxilock Thread reference:

BLACK: Black

SLATE: Miniature Blue

FOLKSTONE: Miniature Blue



MOONSCAPE: Beige Taupe

BERING: Copenhagen


The colour doesn't bleed or fade upon washing/drying. Best practice is to wash on an 'Athletic Wear' cycle or 'Gentle' cycle and hang to dry (inside out once it's a garment) but a harsh wash and dry (if someone tries to help you do the laundry and it gets mixed in with jeans) will not harm the fabric.

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